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Welcome To Mindware

    MIA (Multiple Intelligence Assessment) is a scientific evaluation to identify an individual’s inborn-potential of skills, abilities and talents.

    MIA and counseling leads to overall fulfillment by discovering the passion and strength areas as per their brain pattern. Mindware helps the clients to apply that in their lives practically and effectively, leads to true success and result in overall happiness.

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What people say about Mindware

  • Making a Difference

    Mindware is extraordinarily effective at listening for and reliably delivering that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about. Core of our interest have been adding real value in the counseling and training area for DMIT industry and through that authentically contributing to lives of individuals and organizations.

  • Why Mindware

    We are creating a real value proposition for the customer, counselor and associates. With consistent innovation through learning and training.

  • Resources

    Having access to authentic counseling expertise and regular training of counselors on Panel the quality of service is assured with best infrastructure for peaceful and highly effective counseling.