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Why Us

  • We offer a very unique business association opportunity with very low investment and high returns. With the guided process oriented approach to reach break-even in just few months and consistent regularized income through regular training and support structure for a very long term. This business not only provide a high return on your effort and investment of time but a way to help society by contributing in each customer’s life by the way of counseling. The following is expected out of us:

    Regular training and development for all Business Associates for their business growth; so that they can recover their investment within few months post their system installation and create great regularized income by following the structure.

    We would arrange periodic meeting with business associates to discuss marketing strategies and value system creation for customers. Expenses of such meetings will be shared equally by all participants.

    Natural way of generating a great word of mouth by the value delivery to the customer through highly effective certified counselors on Mindware Panel. Business associates have the advantage of referral Sales that saves lots of Media Expenses

    You must have the following qualification and qualities as an associate of Mindware:


    Self Motivated and willingness to help people.

    Ability to present and Talk to prospective customer for report and counseling sale.

    Stability and long term vision in empowering people through our products.

    Possibly have their counseling space at professional environment.

    Do you have the above qualities in you?

    If yes.

    How to enroll and become a partner with success?

    For more details, please get in touch with us.


  • Advantages of Being Mindware Associate

    Best in industry counseling panel support.

    Avoiding the unnecessary trial and error period and method during start-up.

    Lower financial risk, compared to other ventures, because investment costs are lower and profit margins are higher.

    The opportunity to learn the latest developments in area of counseling

    Focused approach entirely on developing the sales revenues for associates.

    The benefit of operating under a recognized and experienced brand, can give better and long term success.

    The associate has access to accumulated business experience and technical know-how in managing the business.

    Assistance while dealing with corporate and institutions with our prior experience.

    With experience we have guidelines for business operations, which provide you with a working structure.

    Our Support System

    Support in prelaunch by full system setup and training, go to market, targeted market and way to approach.

    Technical training for system operation to your team.

    Comprehensive training on different business aspects like operations, accounting, information technology, human resource, sales and marketing, technical aspects, etc

    Focused and reliable advices on smoothly running the operations

    Support the associate to design local area marketing in their respective regions.

    Operational manual will be provided by Mindware for standard and smooth operation


  • Q. Do I need any previous experience?

    A. Since the core of this business is counseling, but you do not need to do it yourself as the counseling will be done by certified experienced counselors on our panel. Still we require that all Independent Associates have, at a minimum, a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution. In addition, MINDWARE wants their Independent Associates to be open to learning, energetic, financially able team players who really desire their own business and are willing to put in the hard work to make it successful. You bring your desire and we will teach you this business.

    Q. What kind of office space or infrastructure do I need?

    A. Mindware recommends you to arrange a nicely decorated, disturbance free and quiet counseling cabin space enough for 4 people meeting in your area. Your office or counseling cabin should be easily accessible to counselors and clients. Individual Associates who do not wish to invest in the counseling cabin space in initial few months can be assisted by our Operations Specialist for alternative arrangements, where they can save on immediate infrastructural investment and get a highly professional environment and ambience by investing very little.

    Q. Do I receive assistance in opening my Independent Associate business?

    A. Yes. In addition to your initial training period, an Operations Specialist will work with you prior to and during your first week of operation. We will identify potential target group in your vicinity and help you to arrange few awareness program from your communities also we will arrange a senior counselor/trainer to lead the awareness program. We will help to you guide through making your business profitable after quick break even in just few months by effective marketing plan.

    Q. Do I get regular continuing operational training from Mindware?

    A. All the aspects with regards to the operation, sales, marketing, of the Independent Associate are taught during the training period. The support given is quite clear and precise that by the end of the training you are very much ready as an Independent Associate. Further we would create periodic training meetings to create a platform where all associates can share ideas and learn from experience of our Operations Specialist.

    Q. What form of operational support will I receive?

    A. First of all, you will receive the MINDWARE Operation Manual covering the many important facets of your business. As this manual is updated, revisions will be made available to you. Periodically, you will receive company bulletins and memos containing useful management information and important happenings. A continuous advisory service will be available on all promotional, operational and business problems, as well as field and technical assistance.

    Q. Am I given any territorial protection?

    A. The market is really very huge and there is no vicinity of any kind of competition. We arrange these periodic associates meeting that help the associates work as a team and help each other in business. Most of the business is happening through word of mouth and the setup is really portable. Associates team and Operations Specialist will mutually establish a marketing territory that is appropriate for the market condition and location selected within which you can get priority leads and preferences from Mindware.

    Q. How do I learn more about the Independent Associate opportunity?

    A. Let us help you decide. Once the Online form is filled and sent by you, the pace is set for interaction between us. So, the quickest way to get in touch with us is to first send us the online form filled at the earliest so that any additional information from our side can be sent to you. Same day, you will get a call from us to discuss about the Independent Associate business in detail. So any questions from your side can be cleared at that time. We know the importance of setting up an Independent Associate, so we will support you in every way to make your process stress-free as possible.

    Q. How soon can I be in operation once I have been accepted as an Independent Associate?

    A. On average, an Independent Associate can expect to open a unit within 7-15 days after signing Independent Associate agreement.

    Q. Can I own more than one unit?

    A. The mark of an excellent Independent Associate is the rate at which Independent Associates own more than one scanning unit. Mindware encourages successful Independent Associates to procure additional units by lower investment in each additional unit.

    Q. How much can I expect to earn?

    A. Your profit and loss will depend on a number of factors, such as your openness to learning, unlearn few ineffective ways, the amount of time you spend on exploring new ideas, how good you are in approaching relevant people, and marketing conditions. We help maximize your profit by giving you the benefit of a well-organized system and support.

    Q. I would like to study your Independent Associate agreement. Will you send me one?

    A. Our Independent Associate Agreement was developed by attorneys and specialists in franchising and is a valued document which we do not indiscriminately distribute. However, once you have had a personal meeting with our Director, we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the Independent Associate Agreement and our Non Disclosure Agreement.

    Q. I'm ready to go! What do I do?

    A. First, fill out the Get acquainted Form and submit it to us.

    Q. Do I need a license to open MINDWARE Independent Associate?

    A. You need local municipal licenses or shop act license if you are opening on the name of an organization which are applicable for any business, along with formal legal agreement with MINDWARE .

    Q. When can I break-even?

    A. The break-even point varies depending upon variety factors such as overheads and operating cost. However, the USP of this business is faster payback period and quick break-even point. As per our experience most of our Associates have recovered within 3-6 months.>

    Q. What is the term of the Independent Associate agreement?

    A. The initial agreement is for 3 years, with an option of further renewal.