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    • Workshops on Work Life Balance, Effective Parenting, Better Relations, How to teach with preferred learning style of students, MI Enable School Certification.
    • Certified Counselor

      Come lets make an effort to help others to know themselves towards a happy and fulfilled life.

      Are you eager to learn and know about:

    • Parenting

      Parenting is the most rewarding aspect of human life though it can be difficult at times. At the same time raising a human being can be a daunting task. Though babies may look uncomplicated, infants require a significant level of attention and care in order to grow up into a healthy person. On top of the day-to-day needs that young infants and children have, each child has their own unique personality--these personalities are in part encoded within their genes, and in part shaped by their caregivers and living environment. It is the parent’s task to work with each child--and the unique personality of that child--to develop appropriate behaviors and social skills, learn life skills, and create healthy relationships. We organize frequent Parenting workshops.

    • For Companies

      Specially designed awareness and training workshops for employees help in creating work and life balance with helping them discover their strength and passion areas. Employee benefit programs by creating awareness.

    • For Schools/Institutes

      We help in creating MI enabled school/institute by offering a professionally designed program consisting of multiple processes, awareness and trainings for students, teachers, parents and management.

      Awareness program for all parents

      Know the learning style and preferences of each student

      MI Certification program for all teacher with regular counseling training, enable them to understand students strength and preferences.

      Understand your student’s academic/sports preference based on MI

      Tailor Made Multi Modality teaching methods to meet the needs of all learning styles.

      Remedial teaching for students with learning disability based on learning sensitivity

      Organize academic and extra-curricular activities based on students’ innate abilities.

      Provide career counseling to your students based on Multiple Intelligence.

      Provide parenting counseling to parents of students so that they get conducive environment at home also.

      Design classrooms based on different learning styles.