Love Being Yourself

Who is it for ?

    • Child

    • Help in knowing dominant learning style and analysis of intelligence towards “Love to Learn” for 2 Years – 14 Years of child.
      • Understand your child’s natural character traits and behavior pattern

        Why your child behaves in a certain manner?

        Identify his/her innate abilities

        Identify best learning style for him/her; tailor-make your child’s learning programs

        Help in the right parenting/ teaching style

        Overall counseling help in building child’s character and personality.

        In terms of Parenting benefits:

        Strengthen interpersonal communication and interaction with child

        Improve the relationship between parents and children, help create a lifelong bonding.

        Learn why and how to appreciate child achievements


        Discover unique God’s gift in your child.

        In terms of education/sports:

        Multiple intelligence assessment for children

        Parent-child communication and education

        Target at passion and talents

        Personalized education

        Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning

        Know abilities and passion towards preferred type of sports

        Select a academic stream that best fit child’s desired career path

    • Student

    • By knowing inborn strengths it help to choose preferential academic stream for 14 years to 22 Year of age.
      • Know your Intrinsic potential

        Understand your analytical and creative mind

        Career guidance based on your Multiple Intelligences

        Multiple Intelligences Distribution

        MI and its sub-abilities to improve on your weaknesses

        Preferred Learning Style - Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

        Learning Communication Character

        Personalize your extracurricular activities based on MI

        Guideline for academic stream selection.

    • Carrer

    • Help you to choose right career where you will be happy working in your passion area preferred for 22 Years of age onwards.
      • Understand your natural character traits

        Identify and develop your core competencies.

        Identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles.

        Understand your Work Management Style

        Main stream Career and Department suitability chart based on your MI

    • Relation

    • Help in accepting the other person the way he or she is instead of changing him/her.
      • Understand each other’s Communication Character

        Natural Traits, Personality and compatibility

        Potential and Passion area of self and each other

        Multiple Intelligences permutation and combinations for various area of life like career, behavior and personality traits

        Emotional, Creative, Psychological and Planning capability

        Strengths and Weaknesses and learn to accept the way the partner is for best bonding and relationship.

      • Companies

      • Employee/Employer relation by helping in putting right people in right jobs as well as help them to manage work stress by synchronizing work-life balance.
        • Discover employees’ potentials, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

          HR training and development based on MI and Abilities

          Understand your employee’s Personal Quotients - IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ

          Leadership Style and management abilities

          Planning and execution style

          Enhance Team efficiency and relations