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Few very popular Personal Program in area of Experiential Journey towards Inner Happiness and Fulfilled Life

Mind Body Soul

Experience Inner Happiness & Be One with Nature!

Simple tools and techniques, helps you daily to generate Inner Happiness, irrelevant of external circumstances or stress.

Gives you ongoing ability to live life with fulfillment.

Be One with Nature!

Discover abundance of Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health leads to immense Joy!

Fun-filled Activities based Practical Experiential Program on
Nature, Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Spirit in an Agri Resort.

Age Group: Open to all

Life Skills & Excellence

Kid’s Age 5-12: Transform your child’s learning ability!

Enables your child with Life Skills like Public SpeakingLeadership, Team Management and Creative Thinking. Along with Transformed Abilities like  Concentration, Creative Memory, Hand writing, Super Sensory Activation and Emotional Balancing. Overall Confidence of child leads him/her to winning attitude.

Age group 5 – 12 Years.

Program Structure:

2 Full days – Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 6PM.

Followed by 3 weekend half day sessions – Saturday 10.30AM to 1.30PM.

Also Includes 5 months of once a month Mentoring & Assisting opportunity.

Rise Beyond Barriers Teens

Age12-18: Let Your Teen start taking Ownership of Life!

Fed up with Rebel behavior of your Teenager Kid?

And wonder if there is a way to transform Teenage Rebel to a Leader?
Well, then we have a great news for you.

Anindita Garg
Renowned Parenting Coach

Invites you to Teenage Life Skill & Human Values Program.
Your Teens will Take Charge & Ownership of Life.

Rise Beyond Barriers: Shine From Within
Transform your Teenage Rebel to a Leader

It’s natural to all of us to compare and relate new things with earlier experiences. 
Mindware Teens’ Workshop is really unique like NO other past experience of other classes or camps.

The breakthroughs and great results in Mindware Rise Beyond Barriers Workshop is huge Innovation and advanced research based learning..

1. Exciting and very happy learning environment.

2. Ability of Coach to develop a great bond with Teens in just first 30min of workshop.

3. Experiencal Learning involving scientific Activities leads to self Discovery.

4. Anindita Garg’s ongoing Coaching help your child to inculcate extraordinary abilities.

5. Parenting environment around your child is transformed with Full Parenting Program and Advance Coaching Session.

Parenting & Relationships

A New Age Approach: Discover Happy Relations!

Nature’s best way to nourish Fruits is through its roots, your child is fruit and Parenting is the root.

To find root cause of all your relationship worries and enables you to help yourself to deal with Ease, Grace and Power practically in daily life

The values you want to inculcate and see in your child, can only be done through parenting. An opportunity to convert your concerns and stress to a Happy Parenting Journey!

Age group 21  – 55 Years.

Program Structure:

1 Full days (Sunday) –  9AM to 6PM.

Followed by 3 Monthly half day sessions – Saturday 10.30AM to 1.30PM.

Multiple Intelligence Assessment (MIA) Counselling

Personalized Counseling Program with Highly Experienced MI Certified Counselor For Age group 2 - 65 Years.

Discover Happiness and fulfilment  by Understanding Strengths, Abilities, Dominant Learning style, Passion and Potential for maximizing efficiency & effectiveness. Help in Relations, Career, Academic Stream Selection, Learning style and Behaviour pattern & more.

For Age group 2 – 65 Years.

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Program Structure:

15min of Scanning process in Mindware office.

Followed by 1 Hour of powerful personalized counselling sessions by senior counsellor on Panel.

Also Includes 15 minutes of telephonic support once in first month.

Multiple Intelligence Certification Program

2 Full Days Complete Practical approach with case studies

Complete Practical approach with case studies

Learning Styles VAK

Characteristics of each Intelligence

Understanding Human Behaviourbased on MI

Inborn Talents and Potentials

Strengths and Passion area

Application of  MI in day to day life

Academic Preference based on MI

Career Guidance

Relationships Management

Work & Life Balance

Teens Experience on how Mindware Coaching and Counseling helped!

How Mindware Counseling changed Lives?

How Parenting Helped?

Would you like to take action?

Your first step is a simple discussion with us about what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll listen and give you some really clear direction and help you to choose most relevant program.

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