Rise Beyond Barriers Teens

Shine From Within Transform your Teenage Rebel to a Leader

Rise Beyond Barriers Teens

Fed up with Rebel behavior of your Teenager Kid?

And wonder if there is a way to transform Teenage Rebel to a Leader? Well, then we have a great news for you.

Anindita Garg Renowned Parenting Coach.

Invites you to Teenage Life Skill & Human Values Program.

Your Teens will Take Charge & Ownership of Life.

Rise Beyond Barriers: Shine From Within Transform your Teenage Rebel to a Leader

It’s natural to all of us to compare and relate new things with earlier experiences.

Mindware Teens’ Workshop is really unique like NO other past experience of other classes or camps.

The breakthroughs and great results in Mindware Rise Beyond Barriers Workshop is huge Innovation and advanced research based learning:

Exciting and very happy learning environment.

Anindita Garg's ongoing Coaching help your child to inculcate extraordinary abilities.

Experiencal Learning involving scientific Activities leads to self Discovery.

Ability of Coach to develop a great bond with Teens in just first 30min of workshop.

Parenting environment around your child is transformed with Full Parenting Program and Advance Coaching Session.

Joyful Parenting Its 90 Minutes high value oriented program organised by Communities, Schools, Institutions, Companies and Social/Cultural organisations to contribute in area of Parenting and Relationships to everyone.

Program Structure:

75 Minutes of Pure contribution in area of Parenting and Relationship, participants will take back assured and significant value.

Followed by 15 minutes of Mindware Program introduction.

My child faces challenges like:

Mobile Mania & TV/Gadgets addiction

Do not listen to me

Public Speaking: Do not participate in groups

Lacks Focus and Concentration

Fierce competition and Exam Stress

Memory Issue: Forgets what he learns

Hyper: Doesn’t sit at a place even for 5 Min

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